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Child Soldiers

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Child Soldiers

UAWCR advocates for ending the prosecution of child-soldiers. The reason why this prosecution should end is because, child-soldiers are kidnapped and coerced victims of violent rebel war leaders and government officials, and are victims of unspeakable brutal crimes against humanity. Instead, UAWCR advocates for rehabilitating and reintegrating child-soldiers into their communities. This is done through advocacy and promoting access to education for former child soldiers, ensuring that former child soldiers have access to justice, trauma counseling and education, especially female child-soldiers and female victims of war who are the most marginalized population.

The United States Child Soldier Accountability Act - Public Law 110 - 340 - was signed into law by George Bush on October 3, 2008; under this law the criminalization of the recruitment and/or use of child soldiers allows the United States the ability to arrest and prosecute, as well as deny entry into the country, or to deport individuals who are engaged in such activities. There are approximately 300,000 child-soldiers around the globe.

UAWCR works with human rights coalitions, African government officials and international institutions to ensure that justice prevails by prosecuting all perpetrators, both rebel groups and government forces, who subject children to rape/sexual abuse, human trafficking as well as kidnapping. (Congo, Sudan, Uganda).