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Plant a Tree Project

Protecting the environment in Africa is for the health and economic benefit of the people and the continent. When the trees are cut and soil is left bare, soil erosion occurs destroying the fertility of the soil, food production is affected, which can lead to drought and affect food security for Africans. In Africa, deforestation has occurred on a vast scale because, governments have sold large acres of forests to be harvested for timber or sold for fuel, land is also cleared for livestock and agriculture, and in more recent years India, China and other industrial countries are buying land at bargain rates from economically deprived countries for large scale industrial and plantation use.

UAWCR works to raise individual and institutional awareness within African communities of our responsibility for environmental stewardship. We work to educate women and students about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment through tree planting conservation events. We will encourage women and girls to plant tree a tree a day in their communities, thus claiming back the thousands of trees that have been cut. In addition to planting trees, UAWCR advocates for the strong government preservation policies of the environment to protect our rivers and lakes in Africa for the future.