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What We Do

Girl Leadership & Advocacy Workshops in US & Africa

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We believe that all girls have the potential to develop as leaders, because the qualities and skills required for effective leadership can be identified, taught, coached and cultivated. Our customary and prevailing male, top-down, task oriented style of leadership has been a failure in Africa and a detriment to the development of equitable political, economic gender societies especially in Africa. There are other styles of leadership that are successful and distinguished by consensus building, communication and empathy and as girls practice and focus on developing their leadership skills each girl could become a successful leader and an agent for change.

The core skills and concepts of leadership that will be identified, taught and cultivated in our girls leadership workshops will be:
  • Communication skills.
  • Connecting and building relationships with other girls and adults.
  • Creative thinking and Critical thinking.
  • Envisioning, which is learning to generate mental images and manipulating them using imagination.
  • Introducing girls to college opportunities and careers.
  • Learning assertiveness and avoiding aggressive or passive behavior.
  • Learning body language and listening skills for better communication.
  • Mentoring.
  • Organization.
  • Reclaiming voice and tradition dictated by males.
  • Role models.
  • Working cooperatively.