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The People Care Center

The People Care Center (PCC) uses a combined approach to serve women, children and vulnerable families in Africa (Uganda pilot program) with medical care, legal services, and social services including food, clothing and counseling in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We recognize that all people share a common humanity, and vulnerable people have a muted voice in the halls of justice and government. UAWCR believes that we are all are responsible for those who need help and they have to be respected and treated with dignity when we provide that help. Our staff will be trained to provide services with a special focus on grace by using respectful verbal and body language. UAWCR and our world community of local and international foundation partners, staff and volunteers will alleviate the suffering caused by poverty and civil war. This model will be replicated in other African countries.


Counseling Service

Provide emergency care for pregnant girls that result from rape and incest and provide a place for girls that get pregnant as families tend to reject them due to the pregnancy. The trained social workers on staff provide counseling to girls who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. We desire to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of young girls/women with rape and unplanned pregnancy.


Adult and pediatric medical care, OB/GYN care, and dental care. The clinic provides examinations, medications, lab tests, and referrals at no charge.

Partnership: Foundations, Uganda Medical Society, International Pharmacy Chains, vetted drug companies, Medical Schools, Nursing Schools, summer student internship programs.


Legal services for displaced persons, persons who have been arrested and jailed without charges, persons who have been brutalized or tortured, appealing sentences that are obtained illegal confiscations, bearing false witness or without evidence, disputes between landlords and tenants, land disputes, family law matters including women seeking a peaceful divorce or refusing to enter marriages, rape victims

Partnerships: Foundations, Uganda legal society, International Law Schools, summer student internship programs.

Social Services:

When a person walks into the Peoples Care Center, what may begin as medical examination and a simple conversations can lead to more a more comprehensive case involving, child abuse, spousal abuse and our trained social workers will identify such persons after their primary issues are resolves and follow up at the home and begin a dialogue with the family towards solutions to address concerns voiced by our clients or through observations. We will address causes of abuse and violence through a community trained social workers and other triggers such as unemployment, substance abuse, a housing crisis, or mental or physical challenges.

Partnership: Foundations, Uganda Public Health and Social Services Society, International Public Health and Social Welfare Schools, summer internship programs.


We will donate available perishable and nonperishable food to our clients. We will have special partnerships with USAID, International Food and grocery conglomerates to donate food to the People Care Center


Clothing donations from our international and local community, including all places of worship will be distributed free to our clients. We will partner with our international and local community, and Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and Temples around the world. International visitors will also be encouraged to bring “A Suitcase of Used Clothes” on the flight in as part of our clothing drive.