United Africans for Women & Children Rights

What We Do

Peace Building and Conflict Management

UWACR is committed to building a peaceful and healthy society through promoting use of non-violent conflict management initiatives such as advocating for the use of diplomatic missions and credible international third parties in negotiating and resolving conflicts; promoting national unity and reconciliation through campaigns and community education at all levels; supporting resettlement / reintegration of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) into their communities by setting up small scale projects and infrastructure. UAWCR additionally advocates for provision of internal security that will pave way for investment ventures and enable economic recovery to take place. We intend to promote efforts intended to weed out landmines / small arms as well as the use of regular patrols. We denounce and strongly oppose any forms of exploitation and taking advantage of vulnerable women and children in conflict situations/ peace process as it tends to be a common practice. We strongly advocate for the inclusion of women in all peace building and conflict management initiatives, in most conflicts women and children suffer the most, it is of great importance that they are present when peace is negotiated and their decisions be thought for and taken into consideration.