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The Arts

Establishing Arts Educationand Supporting Artists

At UAWCR, the fundamental goal of our artistic programs will be to provide art support for children and artists, especially women, in marginalized communities and ensure that marginalized children have access to the arts so they can develop as beautiful successful whole human beings in a peaceful society. We will establish an arts academy for girls using Oprah Winfrey’s Girls Leadership Academy in South Africa as our model for excellence.

Credible research has established that Art in all its forms is a powerful educational component for whole and healthy human development. UAWCR believes that the introduction of art and music programs and establishing permanent institutions for the arts, in marginalized and vulnerable communities is a fundamental and necessary component for complete healing and peaceful dialogue in traumatized societies, and most importantly, it will bridge social, ethnic and economic barriers, which are created by war, gender marginalization and economic deprivation.

The Arts bring joy to our souls, it permeates hardened minds, and it evokes excitement and emotions that promote togetherness, social dialogue and social transformation by engaging the most graceful talents of human beings. However, we believe that the most important reason for supporting Arts in marginalized and/or traumatized communities, is that the creation of literature, plays, music (classical or popular), paintings, sculpture, film and dance give us an opportunity to examine intimately what it really means to live and exist as a human being. In seeking those answers we begin thinking and analyzing, and in that thoughtful process we become gentler, kinder, more nuanced human beings who seek answers and understanding through peaceful means to resolve social and ethnic conflicts.