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Women's Health

Maternal Health, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health & Rights

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We strive to strengthen linkages between sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, care and access to treatment at no or at affordable costs. We promote an integrated approach to HIV/AIDs, sexually transmitted disease and reproductive health service.

UAWCR promotes safe motherhood, pre and post natal services, Family Planning, STD screening and treatment and safe legal terminations of pregnancy for abused women and girls. We advocate for and promote reproductive health as a basic human right. We promote the inclusion of sexual and reproductive health and rights as essential components of development, health and education plans. We also advocate ensuring that sufficient resources are destined for sexual and reproductive health services in Africa. We promote all-inclusive approach to HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases. This approach includes prevention, access to treatment and care and addressing stigmatization in the communities.

UAWCR strongly advocates for the right for mothers to be able to access basic maternal healthcare without the additional burden of being used unknowingly as human subjects in experiments and other non-consensual medical procedures.

Mothers should have the right to go for routine gynecological or health visits in clinics without the additional burden of being sterilized or used in HIV/AIDS research unknowingly (Namibia, South Africa, Uganda).

UAWCR advocates for mothers to have the freedom to choose family planning methods and have the confidence to go for routine contraception at clinics and hospitals, without the additional burden of unknowingly being used in population reduction research experiments. (Ghana and Nigeria).

We advocate and demand for the end of illegal research and clinical trials where women and children are used as human subjects without their signed informed consent. We conduct health education workshops for women in order to create awareness empower them and their families with information regarding their rights to participate or refuse drugs unless they are provided with and sign an informed consent form. We will closely monitor unethical activities of pharmaceutical companies and doctors in Africa who conduct research under the guise of providing routine healthcare to poor populations in Africa.