United Africans for Women & Children Rights

Who We Are


United Africans for Women & Children Rights (UAWCR) was founded by Grace Akallo in 2009 while she was still in graduate school. Through her advocacy, she formed associations and invited founding members Ruth Tino and Cecilia Ekayu, who are women & girls advocates and experts from diverse academic backgrounds, with decades of practical experiences in international development, Human Rights, HIV/AIDS, Gender, Education and Health, to be part of UAWCR’s team. Both of these women have been victims of violence, abuse and violations of their human rights and dignity. They have also witnessed several cases of unspeakable dehumanizing treatment of women and children in Africa. These women are motivated by humanity, passion and the cry for justice in the lives of all those women and children who have been affected and afflicted by violence and abuse of their human rights. UAWCR believes that by advocating and promoting Women’s and Children's rights, it will effectively address the underlying causes of gender inequality and human rights abuses in Africa and illuminate the systemic flaws in government and institutions.

Child Soldiers

Despite various international and National laws enacted to protect, prevent and stop violations of women and children’s human rights globally, violations have remained a common practice in Africa. UAWCR recognized that those most affected were particularly the poor, those with less or no education and women and children in war affected countries and economically marginalized communities Africa.

It is against that backdrop that Grace Akallo emerged, from being a victim who was abducted and victimized as a child-soldier in Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), to become a visionary new voice for dedicated selfless leadership in Africa, and has advocated tirelessly for institutions to be built on foundations of transparency in accordance with international human rights laws and democratic principles. Institutional transparency is a reverberating demand from a new generation of Africans who motivated and propelled Akallo’s vision for UAWCR; which was formed with the fundamental goal of addressing persistent and increasing human rights violations, systemic violence against women, and economic exploitation of women and children in Africa.