United Africans for Women & Children Rights

Who We Are


United Africans for Women and Children Rights (UAWCR) rises from the belief that safeguarding the rights of vulnerable women and children is a key to attaining a peaceful and healthy community, which is crucial for building democratic institutions and economic development. We vigorously promote democratic non-violent principles, gender equity and child protection in Africa through education, grassroots advocacy and research. We advocate for changes in policy and legislative environments directly from African governments and International Organizations (U.N.) necessary for effective education of girls, economic development for women, political gender equity and ending violence against women and girls.


To create more equitable political and economic society in Africa, in which human rights for women and their children are fully recognized and respected; where especially women and girls in society will have a right to liberty, self-determination and to lead a dignified life.


Gender Equity, Economic Development, Mutual Respect, Self-determination, Reproductive Justice, Fairness, Dignity, Humility, Honesty and Institutional transparency.